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Health Care Professionals' Education


Health Care Professionals' Education

This page is page and its contents, both CME and CNE are updated monthly.

Kalispell Regional Medical Center/Kalispell Regional Healthcare offers a variety of educational opportunities to its patient, community, and healthcare professional customers. Explore the 'Healthcare Professionals' Education' for specialized offerings below.

Many of the professional continuing education programs coordinated by Kalispell Regional Medical Center/Kalispell Regional Healthcare are open to professionals within the region. Click on the linked postings below to obtain more detail regarding topics, professional credits, fees, and registration process.

Regional Upcoming Educational Activities

KRH CME Regularly Scheduled Series

CME/CNE Noon Conference Series- Resume via LifeSize on September 14, 2020
Multidisciplinary Breast Care Conference
Neuroscience Institute Educational Conference
Cancer Conference
Cardiovascular Critical Care Conference
Obstetric and Pediatric Grand Rounds - Resume via LifeSize on September 1, 2020

Online Education

Center for Advanced Palliative Care (CAPC)
- How to Register as a member of CAPC
- CAPC Accredited Course List
- How to Complete an Online Course

Morning CME



KRH CME/CNE Conferences