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Cancer Care 2016 Public Reporting of Outcomes

The Kalispell Regional Healthcare Cancer Program would like to share our most recent Lung Cancer Quality Data from Monitoring Compliance with Evidence Based Guidelines in a 2016 study.

Lung Cancer Cases

Lung cancer kills more people combined than breast, colon and prostate cancers put together. At Kalispell Regional Healthcare we are seeing and treating more and more lung cancer each year. As seen in the below graph, lung cancer cases continue to grow and are now diagnosed more frequently than before.

Number of cases by cancer type

Total In/Out Migration, 2009-2013

At Kalispell Regional Healthcare we pride ourselves on being able to allow our patients to receive all of their comprehensive cancer care locally without the need to travel out of state. We provide all of the necessary components of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Travel for cancer care

NSCLC, 2013, LCT: Systemic Chemotherapy Administered or Recommended for Pre- or Postoperatively Resected NSCLC (Quality Improvement)

As compared to other centers in the region, Kalispell Regional Medical Center (KRMC) leads in lung cancer care in terms of administration of timely chemotherapy either before or after lung surgery. This is typically offered for higher stages of cancer and confers significant survival benefits. KRMC is 100 percent compliant with this quality measure due to significant multispecialty collaborative efforts and patient care coordination.

Chemotherapy comparison

NSCLC, 2013, LNoSurg: Surgery Is Not the First Course of Treatment for NSCLC (Quality Improvement)

Lung cancer cannot and should not be treated with surgery in some cases. Chemotherapy or radiation should be offered first to potentially decrease the size of the tumor or palliate symptoms. At KRMC, 100 percent compliance is demonstrated as compared to our peers.

Surgery rates for lung cancer

Lung cancer continues to kill nearly 160,000 people annually in the United States. Major efforts to diagnose lung cancer early and treat as soon as it is found are ongoing at KRMC with the early lung cancer detection and screening program. Please talk to your doctor to see if you need to be screened.