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Our Programs

Our activities are completely free of charge and intended to help heal and strengthen those impacted by cancer. Anyone diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones is welcome to attend our active programs.

Check our calendar regularly, as our activities are being updated each month. Schedules are subject to change and we kindly request that you RSVP by calling (406) 752-0130 for group activities so we can plan accordingly. Below are the four areas of focus for KRH Cancer Support & Survivorship activities. 


There are so many questions that arise related to a cancer diagnosis. Getting advice and tips from others can make help speed the process to greater understanding and self-confidence. Our educational classes are intended to broaden your knowledge of topics relating to cancer treatment and recovery. They are open to anyone diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones. These classes include nutrition and cooking classes, beauty classes, spiritual health opportunities, and options such as wig-fitting.

Click on the class name to register for your preferred dates. Meeting and class times are subject to change. Please check each respective program link for additional details. 

Cooking for Wellness
3rd Wednesday 
Join Pat Dickey, registered dietitian, for some easy, interesting and fun ideas in the kitchen. We will demo several ideas, and you will enjoy some tasty tidbits. There will be recipes to take home. Sponsored by Halt Cancer at X
Advance Care Planning: Opening up the Conversation
Last Wednesday
Every adult should take part in advance care planning. We will touch on different types of life sustaining treatments, the importance of exploring how your personal values and beliefs impact the kind of care you receive, and how to share this information with your family and loved ones. Lunch will be provided.

Treat Yourself Beauty Class
Various dates
The Treat Yourself Beauty Class is a chance to step away from the everyday hustle that cancer brings to your life and do something just for you. Cancer can take a lot away from you, but we want to offer this opportunity to take back some power and feel confident in your appearance. Learn new techniques in skin care and makeup routines. Working with a cosmetologist you have the ability to ask any questions and learn as much as you want. KRH Cancer Support & Survivorship will provide you with a makeup bag filled with product and brushes so all you need to do is join us. Please call (406) 752-0130 to reserve your spot! Light snacks will be served. RSVP required, 5 spaces available.

Support and Social Connections

Hearing from others dealing with cancer can be very helpful because they are figuring their way through new day-to-day challenges and emotional reactions - just like you are. Exchanging information and talking about your feelings with others can help boost your knowledge, reduce feelings of loneliness, and help foster a greater sense of hope. Support groups and social gatherings meet regularly and include Cancer Support Group, Caregiver Support Group, Women’s Cancer Support Group and Living with Loss. Check the calendar for schedules and please note that all participants who wish to attend a support group are first required to meet with our Program Director for orientation. Please call to learn more at (406) 752-0130. Click on the class name to register for your preferred dates.  

Click on the class name to register for your preferred dates. Meeting and class times are subject to change. Please check each respective program link for additional details. 

Leaving a Legacy: Individual Session
2nd and 4th Thursday
Creating your legacy leaves something tangible for your loved ones to hold onto. This could be a video, audio recording, book, or a life map. Creating this project can be healing for you and provide comfort and a reminder to your loved ones who you were and what was important to you. CSS provides all materials; all you have to do is reserve your session. Feel free to bring 1-3 family members or friends to accompany you. 

Living with Loss
1st and 3rd Thursday
This is an open group to any family member, caregiver or friend who has lost someone to cancer within the past two years.
Caregiver Support Group
2nd and 4th Tuesday
This group is intended to allow family and friends time to talk about their experiences related to cancer and caregiving.
Cancer Support Group
1st and 3rd Tuesday
This group is for those who have been diagnosed with any type of cancer, at any stage.

Women’s Cancer Support Group
2nd Thursday
Come connect with other women who have been diagnosed with cancer. This group receives generous support from Save A Sister
Bosom Buddies
Individual meetings as you choose
This is a one-on-one mentoring and support opportunity for people with breast cancer, in all stages of treatment and survivorship. Interested participants are paired with a mentor who has been through cancer treatment and is living well beyond cancer. If you'd like to be paired up with a Bosom Buddy, please contact Cancer Support & Survivorship staff at (406) 752-0130
Book Club
Various dates
Join us for a fun and interesting evening of discussing the book of the month. We as a group will decide what to read each month. This group receives generous support from Save A Sister

Do It Yourself (DIY) Day
Various dates
Join us at the house for some creative creations inspired by each month’s festivities. All materials will be provided, just bring yourself and be ready for a fun and relaxing time. All DIY days will take place at the Cancer Support & Survivorship house. If you have any questions please call (406) 752-0130. RSVP required, you can sign up online or call the house to reserve your spot! Six spaces available.

Mind and Body

These offerings focus on stress-reduction and strength-building for anyone affected by cancer and their family and friends. Yoga classes or Pilates practice is a great way to gently keep moving even when you don’t feel like. These are more quiet times to focus on healing, friendship, relaxation and education for those impacted by cancer.

Click on the class name to register for your preferred dates. Meeting and class times are subject to change. Please check each respective program link for additional details.  

Horse Healing
Various dates
Join Brenda Westwood of Horse Sense Healing and experience the healing power of the horses with supportive coaching. No horse experience required. No riding will occur. Sponsored by Halt Cancer at X.
Join Perrey Sobba and her staff at CSS for Pilates. Through small movements, use of breath and focus, Pilates can improve posture, help you regain balance and increase flexibility and strength in your entire body.
Temporarily cancelled 
Regaining some control over your body can be a powerful healing tool. Participants will be safely led through breath work and yoga poses to help restore balance, flexibility and strength. if you are interested in attending this class on a routine basis, please contact Cancer Support & Survivorship staff at (406) 752-0130

Healthy Lifestyle

Your normal routine, sleep cycle, and energy levels require monitoring and regulation to ensure you are the healthiest you can be during treatment and recovery.  Also, staying active and socially engaged can be a positive catalyst in recovery. We offer an array of activities with varied energy commitments to the community so you can stay connected during all your phases of cancer treatment. Activities offered may include art therapy, horse healing, local hikes, lake kayaking and opportunities for social interaction like a knitting or book club. Thank you to Halt Cancer at X for their generous support of all the Active Outings we offer.

Click on the class name to register for your preferred dates. Meeting and class times are subject to change. Please check each respective program link for additional details. 

Moving On: Life after Breast Cancer
2nd Tuesday
This class focuses on nutrition, weight management and activity after breast cancer treatment by teaching the components of a healthy diet, teaching ways to incorporate healthy foods into your diet, and exploring the relationship between cancer and specific food/drinks.
Walk with Ease
Mondays at The Summit
Instruction and participation in walking with poles and minimizing stress to joints.
Basic Water Exercise
Saturdays at The Summit
Stretch and strengthen muscles while increasing flexibility and range of motion.