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KRH Care Anywhere

KRH Care Anywhere

COVID-19 & Care Online

Americans who are sheltering at home and worried about COVID-19 are increasingly turning to virtual care, as are those seeking routine urgent care unrelated to COVID-19. At Care Anywhere, we are seeing an unprecedented surge in demand for our services each day. We are working around the clock to scale capacity, onboard new providers, and ramp up technical and customer support. To ensure patient safety and a good patient experience, we would like to set clear expectations with the public about when telehealth is and is not appropriate. 

Here are the most important points to be aware of:

1. Telehealth is not an emergency service
Patients with a medical emergency, including those with severe COVID-19 symptoms, should call 911 or seek care at their nearest emergency room immediately. (See more info on COVID-19 symptoms and risk categories below.)

2. Telehealth providers can evaluate patients with milder COVID-like Illness
Our clinicians are prepared to evaluate and recommend care for patients with COVID-like Illness and to triage higher-acuity patients to in-person care settings. However, our clinicians cannot treat severe COVID-19 symptoms or test patients remotely.

3. Telehealth providers can help with routine urgent care
Using telehealth for health conditions and concerns unrelated to COVID-19 can help reduce the number of people traveling to and from physical care facilities. Our clinicians support prescription renewals, chronic conditions like diabetes and asthma, behavioral health consultations, treatment for rashes and minor injuries, and other routine urgent care.

4. Wait times are much longer than usual
Wait times for telehealth urgent care visits have averaged 48 minutes over the past 7 days and can be even longer in high-demand locations and during peak times. Patients who enter the waiting room seeking urgent care should select “See First Available Doctor” to minimize wait time.

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No appointment needed.

It’s easy – here’s how it works:
  • Enter personal and payment information along with a brief description of your symptoms.
  • Pay one flat fee for each patient visit.
  • Visit with a board certified physician or nurse practitioner.
  • Receive access to a post-visit report via your email.

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Remember KRH Care Anywhere when you have a cough, sore throat, rash, flu symptoms or allergies. Talk with a doctor online from home, work or school, or in the middle of the night.

Help for Common Symptoms

Cold symptoms  Flu symptoms
Pink eye symptoms  Sore throat symptoms
Sinus infection symptoms  Allergy symptoms

What We Can Treat

KRH Care Anywhere can treat a wide range of minor symptoms and illnesses:

Abdominal pain
Athlete’s foot
Back pain
Bladder infection
Bug bite
Dry skin
Ear pain*
Eye issues*
Pink eye
Sinus infection
Sinus pain and congestion
Sore throat
Stomach flu
Upper respiratory infection
Urinary tract infection (UTI)
Yeast infection

*Certain symptoms may be treatable by KRH Care Anywhere depending on severity. Your provider will assess your condition and, if needed, may refer you to a local clinic for diagnosis and treatment.

A note about prescriptions: Antibiotics may be prescribed when deemed appropriate. Providers do not prescribe controlled substances or routine refills.
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