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Patient Rights and Policies

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Privacy Practices

We value your business and respect your right to privacy. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the our Privacy Office at (406) 752-1742. Joint Notice of Privacy Practices

Patient Consent and Financial Agreement

We are an integrated health system that includes a number of organizations and health care services and providers. Please review the following agreement carefully. Patient Consent and Financial Agreement

Patient Informed Consent for Telemedicine Consultations

We offer our patients telemedicine visits for health consultations. Please review the following document to understand and agree to your rights as a patient during a telemedicine visit. Patient Informed Consent for Telemedicine Consultations

Advance Directives

It is our policy to inform all persons admitted as inpatients of their rights to make decisions about their treatment, including the right to accept or refuse treatment and the right to formulate an advance directive. Advance Care Planning

Medical Ethics

Health care decisions can be complex, especially when a patient is in critical condition. If you are troubled by any decisions in your medical care or that of a family member, you may talk to a member of our Medical Ethics Committee, which is made up of doctors, chaplains, social workers, nursing staff and administrators. You can contact the Medical Ethics Committee through Quality and Safety Services at (406) 752-1774

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

As a patient, you have certain rights and responsibilities. We encourage you to speak openly with your health care team, take part in your treatment choices, and promote your own safety by being well informed and involved in your care. Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Organizational Code of Conduct

We have established this organizational code of conduct in recognition of our ethical responsibility to patients, families, staff, physicians and the community we serve. Reflective of our mission and core values, this code provides the ethical foundation for all policies, procedures and activities within the organization. Organizational Code of Conduct

Message from Medicare

Please review the following important message from Medicare about your rights as a patient. Message from Medicare

Message from Tricare

Please review the following important message from Tricare about your rights as a patient. Message from Tricare

Truth in Lending

The Federal Truth in Lending Act requires prompt correction of billing mistakes. Truth in Lending