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Northwest Montana Radiation Oncology

Northwest Montana Radiation Oncology
Northwest Montana Radiation Oncology, a department of Kalispell Regional Medical Center, has a team of highly trained medical professionals who work together to make sure you receive the right treatment for you.

What is radiation oncology?

Radiation therapy, sometimes called radiotherapy, is the use of various forms of radiation to safely and effectively treat cancer and other diseases. Doctors use radiation therapy to try to cure cancer, to control the growth of the cancer or to relieve symptoms, such as pain.

Radiation therapy works by damaging the DNA within cancer cells and destroying the ability of the cancer cells to reproduce. When these damaged cells die, the body naturally eliminates them. Normal cells are also affected by radiation, but they are able to repair themselves in a way that cancer cells cannot.

While you undergo radiation therapy, a team of highly trained medical professionals will be working together to make sure you receive the best care possible. A radiation oncologist, a doctor who specializes in using radiation to treat cancer, leads this team.

Patients at Northwest Montana Radiation Oncology often receive other treatments such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy or surgery as well as radiation therapy. To ensure the best possible outcome, this team approach requires collaboration and coordination among all the specialists on a patient's treatment team. During your first visit you will meet with your radiation oncologist, who may consult with other specialists as necessary before your treatment begins to determine the best course of action.

The major goal of radiation therapy is to maximize curing cancer while maintaining optimal organ function and quality of life. Because each patient's case presents unique challenges and requires individualized attention, we urge you to consult your radiation oncologist about which treatment plan is best for you. It is extremely important to seek out an expert team of physicians who specialize in your type of cancer and bring you the broadest experience available.

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