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Body Balance

Body Balance
A unique program offered through Northwest Family Medicine in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team from across the organization, the Summit Medical Fitness Center and others from the Flathead Valley. The program offers a guided path to healthier thoughts and behaviors with food and body image.

Hope, Health, Healing

Disordered eating occurs when the joy of nourishing your body is replaced with feelings of guilt, shame and life stress. Our multidisciplinary team provides support, hope and professional guidance for those faced with disordered eating challenges including, but not limited to, diagnosed eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, compulsive overeating, obesity, binge eating disorder and negative body image.

Negative body say you dislike your own body is to say you dislike yourself.

To schedule an appointment or for further inquiry, call (406) 751-8224 or (406) 752-8877 or email
  Body Balance Program Brochure


Call the confidential hopeline anytime at (406) 212-0478. For anyone affected by an eating disorder, the hopeline staff provides compassionate support and guidance, as well as assistance with becoming involved in the Body Balance program.

Program Options

Love yourself Professional Counseling and Psychiatry Referral
Counseling to resolve disordered eating is a dynamic process that involves an assessment of the unique contributing factors for each person. Goals for counseling often include:
  • Creating insight.
  • Changing disordered thinking and behaviors.
  • Restoring damaged relationships.
  • Re-engaging the authentic self in developing a healthy future.
A registered dietitian provides nutrition counseling and education to help individuals form a new understanding of food and eating. Nutrition counseling focuses on:
  • Establishing individual requirements for calories and nutrients.
  • Evaluating food intake patterns and developing a meal plan to help normalize eating behaviors.
  • Reconnecting with the body's natural signals for hunger and fullness.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight and recognizing indicators of recovery.
Survivor Mentoring
The survivor mentor is a certified Wellcoach who provides support, strength and guidance to help individuals rebalance their relationship with food, body image and life. Using empathy and compassion drawn from personal experience, the survivor mentor strives to help each individual:
  • Reduce the stresses, thoughts and behaviors related to disordered eating.
  • Learn positive cognitive and behavioral coping skills designed to conquer disordered eating and negative body image.
  • Use constructive feedback and observations to motivate hope, health and healing.
Education, Awareness and Prevention Presentations
The survivor mentor also gives presentations for schools, community groups, sports teams, youth treatment programs and women's groups, focusing on education, awareness and prevention of eating disorders and negative body image.

Group Workshops
The Body Balance program brings together professionals for training opportunities on eating disorders and negative body image. In addition to enhancing these professionals' knowledge and skills, such workshops help increase the community's understanding and empathy for the healing journey of eating disorder treatment.

If exercise is out of balance, the Summit Medical Fitness Center has access to an appropriate certified wellness coach/fitness trainer.


A medical referral is necessary for the Body Balance program. Talk with your primary care provider or call Northwest Family Medicine at (406) 752-8877.

Learn How to MOTIVATE

Hope, trust, believe Mindfully relearn to enjoy eating, one bite at a time.
Optimize your overall health and learn new coping skills and habits.
Trust, think positively and accept your body.
Improve personal self-esteem and self-compassion.
Validate your healing success with professional guidance and compassionate care.
Activate your inner intuitive strengths to rebalance.
Take charge of your healing journey with support and encouragement.
Energize your life with renewed purpose and outlook.

Meet Your Team

Medical Director
Morgan Coleman, MD

Dr. Coleman is board certified by the American Board of Family Practice. She emphasizes health and wellness, as well as management of acute and chronic conditions. (406) 752-8877

Nurse Practitioner
Susan McEwen, FNP

Susan medically evaluates, diagnoses, and treats each patient with care, compassion and respect. She has a strong passion for treating disordered eating.  (406) 751-8224

Survivor Mentor
Barbi Webber, BSW, CHWC

Barbi’s survivor experiences enable her to provide positive cognitive and behavioral coping skills designed to triumph over negative body image, bullying and disordered eating life challenges. She encourages awareness and prevention through motivational speaking., (406) 212-0478 (Confidential Hopeline)

Professional Counselor
Carrie Thiel, LCPC

Carrie has developed a compassionate, creative, collaborative approach to help people overcome disordered eating and negative body image by combining her unique personal experiences with her professional counseling knowledge., (406) 212-2016

Clinical Social Worker
Megan Lavin Keenan, MSW, LCSW

Megan specializes in eating, anxiety and depression disorders as well as stress-reduction and mindfulness. Her professional counseling is tailored to meet individual needs, focusing on healthy living through a holistic healing approach., (406) 249-9017

Clinical Psychologist
Amy Willcoxon, PsyD

Dr. Amy Willcoxon utilizes an “embodied” approach informed by her own experience to facilitate recovery from disordered eating and build empowering partnership with our bodies. She provides assessment, psychotherapy, and yoga techniques in collaboration with clients values and goals on the path to recovery.  (406) 249-0824

Professional Counselor
Kathryn Ryen, LCPC

Kathryn is a licensed clinical professional counselor that strives to create an environment that fosters exploration of disordered eating along with body image, low self-esteem, and symptoms of anxiety and mood disorders. Gaining new insight into your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors provide a foundation for growth and change.
(406) 407-0266

Registered Dietitian
Linda Fredenberg, RD, LN

Good nutrition is an essential step on the path to health and healing. Linda provides science-based nutrition education and counseling in a caring and supportive environment., (406) 751-6728

Leslie Anthony, DDS

Dr. Anthony treats tooth breakdown that results from the deleterious effects of acidic gastric content. Dr. Anthony interacts with you and your loved ones with compassion and respect. She has a unique approach and a warm heart for people with disordered eating and addictions. (406) 752-8161