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Financial Policies

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Financial Options and Assistance for Our Patients

Commercial Insurance
As a courtesy to you, we will bill your commercial insurance with verification of coverage as reflected on your insurance card. We are contracted providers with most health plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, but not with all plans. Payment from your insurance carrier is expected according to the terms of our contract. Patients are responsible for balances remaining after insurance payment, including copayments and coinsurance. If surgery is indicated, and you have significant balances due after insurance has paid, payment arrangements may be established.

Medicare and Medicaid
Kalispell Regional Healthcare Surgical Specialists accepts Medicare and Medicaid assignment. The practice is classified as a provider-based clinic with Medicare, and as such is considered a department of Kalispell Regional Medical Center. Under Medicare’s provider-based status, Kalispell Regional Healthcare Surgical Specialists will submit Medicare and Medicaid insurance claims in two parts. With each visit to the practice, Medicare and/or Medicaid will receive two separate charges: one from Kalispell Regional Healthcare Surgical Specialists for the health care provider (health care provider fee), and one from Kalispell Regional Medical Center for all the other costs associated with operating the practice (facility fee). Once Medicare has processed their portion of the charges, your copayment and coinsurance balances will be submitted to any Medicare supplemental insurance plan you have. If there is a balance after the Medicare supplemental plan processes the claim, or if you do not have Medicare supplemental insurance, you will receive a statement for the remaining balance.

Medical Advocacy Services in Health Care
In conjunction with the preadmission process, self-pay patients will be directed to the Medical Advocacy Services for Healthcare (MASH) office at Kalispell Regional Medical Center for free eligibility screening for federal, state and county governmental, tribal and charitable medical benefits. The goal of MASH is to connect our uninsured patients to governmental and other medical benefits that ease the financial burden of their cancer care.

Financial Hardship Assistance
Patients or their families experiencing financial hardship, who may not be eligible for governmental benefits through MASH and who are unable to pay their balances in full within 12 months, may apply for financial hardship assistance. Completion of a financial hardship application will be requested. Assistance in completion of the application will be provided upon request. Once the application and documentation are returned, a determination may be made to grant a financial hardship discount from 0 percent to 100 percent, depending upon a patient’s financial circumstances. Kalispell Regional Healthcare Surgical Specialists provides care to all, including those who have a documented financial need. Copayments for office visits will be requested at the time of service, and if not indicated on your insurance card are estimated to be $30.

Patient Information
Click on the link below to review Kalispell Regional Healthcare's notice of privacy practices, patient consent and financial agreement, advance directives, patient rights and responsibilities, organizational code of ethics, messages from Medicare and Tricare, and truth in lending.
Patient Rights and Policies