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Frequently Asked Questions About Colonoscopy

Kalispell Gastroenterology
Why are grains, nuts and seed prohibited?
These foods are high in fiber and have binding properties that make them difficult to be digested in time for your procedure.

The MoviPrep instructions in the box direct me to take both preps the night before. Is this correct?
Please follow the instructions you received from our nurses and medical assistants rather than the instructions in the box.

Can I take alcohol with my prep?
Alcohol is not advised.

What kind of broth can I have that constitutes a “clear liquid?”
Both chicken and beef broth are OK.

Why is cranberry juice OK to drink, even though it is red?
The red color in cranberry juice is a natural coloring, compared to artificial coloring in other juices, which does not digest at the same rate.

Can I have diet drinks?
Yes, as long as they are a clear liquid.

Is it normal to pass yellow with bowel movements after I start taking the prep?
Yes. The yellow tint comes from the bile in your liver, which enters your small bowel to aid in digestion. When you come into the office for your procedure, we would like you to be passing clear to yellow.

If I am not passing clear to yellow before my procedure, what should I do?
On rare occasions, even if you have correctly followed the prep instructions, the bowel still may not be cleared out. Please call the office and let the nursing staff know before you come in for your appointment.

What medications can I take the day of my procedure?
Unless directed otherwise during your consultation, please take your prescribed medications.

Can my spouse come with me during the procedure?
Due to limited space, your spouse cannot come in the procedure room. However, as soon as you reach recovery, he or she may come back and sit with you until you go home.

Why can’t I drive after my procedure?
Even though you may feel OK after your procedure, you will be under the influence of sedating medications that may impair your ability to drive.

If after the procedure I have some cramping, is this normal?
Air is introduced into the colon for visualization and may not be released immediately. Mild gas cramps can be common; once the air has passed, the cramping should resolve.