Preparing for Surgery

Glacier Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Preoperative Consultation

The preoperative consultation at Glacier Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery allows you to become familiar with Dr. Wilson, our staff and the facility. Goals of the consultation are decreased anxiety, a more complete understanding of any proposed treatment and treatment options, and an overall smoother surgical experience.

The consultation provides time for thorough review of your health history, examination, X-rays if needed, and review of the risks and benefits of upcoming surgical procedures or other treatments.

During the consultation, the patient will complete the appropriate surgical consent forms and discuss any procedure-related questions or other concerns with Dr. Wilson. We will also take this opportunity to review any financial or insurance questions.

Important: All patients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for the consultation and for surgery.

Please alert our staff if you have any medical conditions (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, artificial heart valves, artificial joints or a history of rheumatic fever) or if you are currently taking any medications (such as heart medications, aspirin or anticoagulant therapy).

What to Bring
Please assist us by providing the following information at the time of your consultation:
  • Your surgical referral slip and, if applicable, any prior X-rays
  • A list of medications you are currently taking
  • Medical and/or dental insurance information
If your dentist or physician has taken X-rays, you may request that they forward them to our office. If there is not enough time, please pick them up and bring them to our office. If additional films or more detailed X-rays are necessary, they will be taken at our office and we will gladly forward a copy to your referring doctor.

Preoperative Instructions

It is important that you follow these instructions to help ensure a safe and easy operation.
  • If you have an illness such as a cold, sore throat, or stomach or bowel upset, please call the office. Your surgery may have to be rescheduled.
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule your surgery, please do so at least 24 hours in advance.
  • All patients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • A responsible adult must accompany the patient to the office, remain in the office during the procedure, drive the patient home and remain with the patient for several hours after surgery.
  • Do not eat or drink anything (not even water) for eight hours before surgery.
  • It is recommended that you do not smoke for at least 12 hours before surgery. Ideally, cut down or stop smoking as soon as possible before the day of surgery.
  • If you take routine oral medications, please notify Dr. Wilson before your surgery. In general, you should take your routine oral medications with a very small sip of water on the morning of your surgery.
  • Brush your teeth prior to surgery and rinse with your usual mouthwash. Do not swallow any water.
  • Please wear loose-fitting clothing, a short-sleeved shirt and low-heeled shoes.
  • Contact lenses, jewelry and dentures must be removed for surgery.
  • Do not wear lipstick, makeup or nail polish on the day of surgery.
  • Please leave valuables at home. The office is not responsible for loss or theft.
In addition, if your surgery requires IV sedation:
  • To allow for monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen during surgery, please trim both right and left index fingernails to the end of fingers and remove artificial nails and fingernail polish.