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FamilyBorn Maternity and Women's Health

The certified nurse midwives at FamilyBorn offer a full range of maternity and gynecologic care to women of all ages in a comfortable setting, with an emphasis on each woman's individual needs.

Our Philosophy

At FamilyBorn, a department of Kalispell Regional Medical Center, we believe that women deserve health care that meets their physical, emotional and cultural needs. We believe that women have the right to make informed decisions about their health care. We believe that having a baby is one of the most important experiences in a woman's life.

As midwives we know that pregnancy and childbirth are normal processes and believe they should not be managed as medical problems. Our goal is to forge a partnership with our clients by providing information, guidance and emotional support. We value open and honest communication, and we strive to be accessible to women and responsive to their needs. We are dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of women and their families.

Our Services

Baby at FamilyBorn
  • Prenatal care
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Family involvement
  • Childbirth preparation and sibling classes
  • Breastfeeding education and support
  • Family planning
  • Gynecology
  • Infertility evaluation and counseling
  • 24-hour emergency coverage
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Consultations and Appointments

With new patients, we offer a first-time meet and greet appointment for free. This will allow you to meet the midwives, ask questions and get an overall feel for our clinic. We want you to be happy with your choice.

Once you become a patient, you can schedule ongoing consultations and appointments at anytime. We do our best to get you into our clinic as soon as possible to address any health care needs you may have. In urgent situations we will make room for you the same day.

How to Reach Us

 FamilyBorn Maternity and Women's Health, 210 Sunnyview Lane, Suite 101 FamilyBorn Maternity and Women's Health
210 Sunnyview Lane, Suite 101
Kalispell, MT 59901

Office Hours
Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Wednesday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Phone and Fax
Phone: (406) 751-8009
Fax: (406) 257-6463