Bass Breast Center

Breast Health

About Our Clinic

The Bass Breast Center, a department of Kalispell Regional Medical Center, is dedicated to offering our region’s broadest array of breast cancer services. More than 14,000 women have a mammogram, breast ultrasound or breast MRI at The Women's Center at HealthCenter each year, and an additional 3,200 have high-quality imaging brought to their home town by the Winkley Women’s Center mobile mammography coach. Our cancer experts treat more than 500 patients each year with both breast cancer and benign conditions. Our program is committed to delivering excellent care in a compassionate environment.

The Bass Breast Center is located between Kalispell Regional Medical Center and The HealthCenter. Made possible by a $1 million gift from Harold and Annette Simmons in honor of their friend, Paul Bass. The Bass Breast Center provides the women of Montana with comprehensive care for malignant and premalignant conditions of the breast.

The 2,750-square-foot center offers services equivalent to those found in the largest urban medical centers. It encompasses two exam rooms, one room for minor surgical procedures, two office suites, a conference room with telemedicine capabilities (for out-of-area specialist consultation) and a library for patient education.

For more information or to inquire about making an appointment, please call us at (406) 751-6488.

Our Services

Specialists in Breast Health
  • Fellowship-trained breast surgeon and fellowship-trained breast imaging specialist
  • Board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons, and medical and radiation oncologists
Looking Great After Cancer Surgery
  • Single-stage reconstruction (breast reconstruction at the same time as mastectomy)
  • Oncoplastic surgical technique (attention to cosmetic appearance while still removing the cancer)
Exceptional Technology offered at The Women’s Center at HealthCenter
  • Hologic 3D mammography™, breast ultrasound and MRI
  • Stereotactic, sonographic and MRI guided biopsy
  • Sentinel lymph node biopsy
Treatment Options for Any Stage of Breast Cancer
  • Naturopathic oncology consultation (using herbs and diet to prevent recurrence and alleviate symptoms of treatment)
  • Multiple chemotherapy, endocrine and biologic options
  • Surgical removal of metastasis (cancer that has spread to other organs)
  • Palliative (comfort) care
Support Every Step of the Way
  • Certified nurse navigator for breast care to coordinate appointments, educate, and streamline the diagnosis and treatment process
  • Genetic counseling
  • Oncofertility
  • Housing assistance
  • Survivorship services
Care Conferences
  • Weekly care conferences among all members of the cancer team to evaluate patient treatment plans
Cancer Research