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About Glacier View Research Institute-Cancer

Glacier View Research Institute-Cancer helps health care providers and patients find clinical research trials for cancer and malignant blood disorders through the National Cancer Institute or various pharmaceutical companies.


See our complete list of current cancer trials.

Meet the Cancer Research Team

Elise Anderes, MD, Medical Director, Principal Investigator, Medical Oncologist
Jeffrey Eshleman, MD, Principal Investigator, Radiation Oncologist
Melissa Hulvat, MD, Principal Investigator, Breast Cancer Surgeon
Karen Hunt, MD, Principal Investigator, Medical Oncologist
Jose Ness, MD, Sub-Investigator, Medical Oncologist
Ryan Roop, MD, Principal Investigator, Medical Oncologist
Gordon Stillie, MD, Principal Investigator, Radiation Oncologist
Peter Wagner, MD, Principal Investigator, Medical Oncologist
Mandy Bartlett, RN, CCRC, Certified Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator
Lisa Harp-Sansone, CCRP, Regulatory Specialist

The cancer research team also includes providers from Urology Associates, Flathead Urology, the Digestive Health Institute of Montana, Northern Rockies Neurosurgery, Northwest Montana Surgical Oncology, and Rocky Mountain Heart and Lung-Pulmonology.

What are clinical trials in cancer care?

Clinical trials are important to the treatment of cancer. Many cancers and malignant blood disorders are still incurable, so clinical trials allow a way of testing new drugs aimed at improving or curing different cancers and malignant blood disorders. In cancer research, clinical trials are designed to answer questions about new ways to:
  • Prevent cancer
  • Find and diagnose cancer
  • Treat cancer
  • Manage symptoms of cancer or its treatment

What are some resources to learn more about cancer clinical trials?

American Society of Clinical Oncology

Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups

What types of cancer clinical trials are available?

Treatment clinical trials – Trials that test different treatments for people who have cancer.
Prevention clinical trials – Trials that find ways to prevent the occurrence of cancer or decrease chances of getting cancer.
Supportive care clinical trials  Trials that address the side effects patients develop from chemotherapy and radiation treatments: nausea, pain control, weight loss, quality of life issues, etc.

How can I find out more about other cancer clinical trials?

Listed below are several resources to find cancer or malignant blood disorder clinical trials. Several of our area physicians participate in the Montana Cancer Consortium, which is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring state-of-the-art cancer treatment to Montana and northern Wyoming through clinical trials sponsored by the National Cancer Institute. With most of these clinical trials you can participate locally. - National Institutes of Health

Montana Cancer Consortium

National Cancer Institute

Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

International Myeloma Foundation

Breast Cancer Clinical Trials

Contact Us

Glacier View Research Institute-Cancer
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