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Maternity and Women's Health Services

At FamilyBorn our goal is to offer you the health care choices you desire without sacrificing the conveniences of modern medicine in emergency or painful situations. We work with Kalispell Regional Medical Center and collaborate with some of the best health care professionals in the Flathead Valley.

As a full-service women’s health care practice, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of women from puberty through the childbearing years and beyond, with an emphasis on meeting the specific needs of each individual.

Maternity Services

Maternity services at FamilyBorn Pregnancy can be an exciting but sometimes scary time in life. As midwives we support you through the entire process, from your first visit to our clinic to the first minute you arrive in the hospital. We stay by your side as your friend and health care provider through the entire process.

Our maternity services include:
  • Prenatal care with plenty of time for questions
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Family involvement
  • Childbirth preparation and sibling classes
  • Breastfeeding education and support
Prenatal care, uninterrupted labor support and normal delivery are provided by two certified nurse midwives. Scheduled visits are long enough to allow plenty of time for questions and discussion, giving families the opportunity to get to know the midwives. A midwife is always available by phone to answer questions and handle emergencies. The involvement of your family or friends is always welcome.

Our education program includes a lending library, classes and workshops to help you prepare for a healthy pregnancy and birth, for breastfeeding your baby, and for welcoming a new baby into your family.

We provide a home visit within the first few days at home, to help ensure that mother and baby are off to a good start.

Family Planning

Consultation at FamilyBorn FamilyBorn offers family planning services and counseling, including most methods of birth control, sexually transmitted infection screening or treatment, preconception counseling and premarital exams.

We would be happy to discuss your concerns and assist you with spacing pregnancy and maintaining sexual health.

Annual Wellness Exams

Many women are familiar with the concept of annual exam, and they sometimes dread it because of embarrassment or discomfort. At FamilyBorn we strive to make this a comfortable experience that will make you feel at ease.

An annual health visit is important whether or not a woman is sexually active. In addition to being an excellent time to bring up specific concerns like family planning, prevention of sexually transmitted infections, weight management or menopause, an annual exam also provides the opportunity to discuss and screen for heart disease, thyroid problems, anemia, bone loss, diabetes, depression, and breast or gynecological cancers.

Spending an hour with a health professional once a year is an important part of taking care of your body and a good investment in your health.