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DinoSore Sick Child Care

DinoSore The DinoSore program provides close supervision and individual care when your child is experiencing a mild temporary illness. When rest and comforting oversight are needed, qualified staff are on hand to give personal attention and support. Caring for children through 12 years of age, this service is provided free of charge for Kalispell Regional Healthcare employees.

In order to make room for more children needing our care, DinoSore has moved to the Medical Arts building in room 102, at least temporarily. DinoSore will be open the same hours as before and will be staffed by Kid Kare personnel. To make a reservation at DinoSore, please call (406) 758-7488 from 6:30-8:30 a.m. If you cannot reach the DinoSore office, please call the front office of Kid Kare at (406) 756-9539 and the information will be passed on.