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The Wire
All information for employees is located on the Wire, Kalispell Regional Healthcare's intranet for employees. The Wire can be accessed from any Kalispell Regional Healthcare computer. Employees also may use the two public computers located in Human Resources and the two computers located in the cafeteria to access the Wire.

If you are interested in how to access the Wire from home or on your smartphone, please call the Health Information Technology service desk at (406) 751-5700.

Check Email
Employees may access their work email outside the Kalispell Regional network. Visit the Outlook Web App, then enter your username and password.

Check Your Time Card
Employees may access their time card outside the Kalispell Regional network to view their time, request time off, request clockings or sign off at the end of a pay period. Visit API, and then enter your username and password.

Dining and Cafeteria
Visit the On-Campus & Off-Campus Dining page for cafeteria menus and hours.

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