Men's Health

Celebrate Men’s Health Week!

Get with the Brogram – June 11-17, 2018

Hey fellas, we’ve compiled some tips and advice to help you work towards your healthiest self by identifying some realistic changes that suits your lifestyle. Get with the Brogram by reading about nutrition, physical activity, disease prevention and positive and attainable lifestyle changes.

Working towards a healthier lifestyle is difficult and takes dedication. Pick one or two positive and realistic changes to add into your life and start seeing the benefits. In addition, call your primary care provider today to schedule your yearly check-up. Encourage others to follow your lead and to “get with the brogram” to adopt a healthy lifestyle and to schedule their yearly check-up.

Be sure to consult your primary care provider for any questions related to major lifestyle changes or to create a baseline for your health to measure the impact of your new activities. Call (406) 751-4176 if you want help finding a KRH primary care provider.