Pyxis Training and Access Information

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Pyxis Training Information

Students need Pyxis training every six months.

Instructors need Pyxis training annually.

Pyxis Form Instructions

We do not have any special forms anymore. All the build and access is now part of the HIT access process.


The following policy should be reviewed by the instructor and the students prior to the training day. Automated Medication Dispensing Policy N955

Pyxis Updated Training Module

Attached are some additional instruction on how to clear your computer browser history if you have problems with the module not working from home.

 How to clear computer browser history

Here is how to find the Pyxis module in HealthStream:


1)      Click on Catalog

2)      Type “Pyxis” in the search bar

3)      Click the Info button for “Product Training: Pyxis – End User


Log In to HealthStream
User ID: studentguest
Password: studentguest


Instructors need to fill out the Instructor Personal Information Form prior to each semester or quarter to ensure that students have the correct Pyxis access. This form should be filled out only once and can be found on the Paperwork, Documentation and Requirement Information for Instructors page.

Pyxis Training Contact

Renee Pomeroy
(406) 752-1761