KRH Pediatric Unit Clinical Rotation Nursing Student and Instructor Information

  • The instructor or school representative will need to set up an orientation for the students placed in the Pediatric Unit prior to the first student arriving for their clinical rotation. Please contact the Pediatric Clinical Educator. .
    • Pediatric Clinical Educator- This position is currently open. The contact information will be added once the position is filled.
  •  Students who arrive and are not scheduled need to talk to their instructor about an alternate placement.
  • Please do not call the Pediatric Unit for assignment the night before scheduled rotations or the morning of the rotations. The student will need to arrive and find out if they are still placed in the Pediatric unit as things can change overnight.
  • If an instructor has a question or concern, they should contact The Student Coordinator (406-756-2713).
  • Shift starts at 0700. It is good to show up a little early to look at patient information or if they find out the census is too low it gives the instructor time to work with the Student Coordinator to find an alternate placement for the student for that day.
  • We can only schedule students in the Pediatric Unit 3 days per week and only one student can be scheduled on these days. If censes is low or there is nothing to do, the student will need to contact their instructor to find alternate placement. Each shift is planned for a particular student.
  • Unfortunately we cannot accept any changes in the schedules for make-up days to cover low census or sick days in the Pediatric Unit once the schedule has been set for semester/quarter.