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Instructor and Clinical Resource Nurse Training

Student Affiliations

Instructor Training

Clinical Day A and B
  • Current employee nurses do not need to go through these.
  • New instructors who are not employees do need to go through Clinical Day A and/or B.
  • Returning instructors do not need to go through Clinical Day A and B unless there has been a lapse in their position.
  • We prefer new and current employee nurse instructors attend with their students as they would probably find it helpful to know what the students are taught so they know how to support them. This is also a chance to ensure they are familiar with cosigning for students.
  • Returning instructors probably do not need to attend but are encouraged to if they wish.
Point of Care
  • We require an instructor be present with their students during the classes.
  • POC training needs to be completed by students and instructors annually.
  • Current employees will update this training as they take their assigned competencies for Kalispell Regional Healthcare.
  • Brand-new instructors will have to be assigned a number and attend the initial training with their group.
  • Current employees do NOT have to do Pyxis training as it will be completed as their assigned competencies. However, if they are new they need to check in with Renee to give her their instructor Meditech mnemonic.
  • New instructors need to go through Pyxis training with their students.
  • Returning instructors need Pyxis training annually.