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Pyxis Training and Access Information

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Pyxis Training Information

              ~Students need Pyxis Training every 6 Months

              ~Instructors need Pyxis Training Annually

The following form will need to be printed by the instructor for all students to fill out prior to each scheduled Pyxis training day. Pyxis Password Verification Statement


The following policy should be reviewed by the instructor and the students prior to the training day.
Pyxis Automated Medication Dispencing System N955

Pyxis Training Conact Information

Renee Pomeroy
(406) 752-1761

Instructors need to fill out the Instructor Personal Information Form prior to each semester or quarter to ensure the students have the correct Pyxis access. This form should only be filled out once and can be found on the .Paperwork, Documentation and Requirement Information for Instructors Webpage.