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Meditech Computer Documentation Training

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Computer Access and Training Preparation

To reserve your training date and time to it fits into your schedule it is recommended you contact Teri at least 2 months in advance to schedule a room, as space is limited. It is also the instructor’s responsibility to obtain the student's user name and password information prior to arriving for training. It is recommended you call the Health Information Technology (HIT) department before you pick up the access informtion to ensure it is completed and available.
HIT (406)751-5700

We encouraged the instructor be present during the training sessions.

Please have the following information available when requesting training.
  • Number of students
  • Program PN or RN
  • Where the students will be placed for the clinical rotations. Specifically Brendan House or the Medical/Surgical floors, Pathways, etc.
The school is responsible for providing Meditech manuals. It is suggested you provide your students with the manuals in advance so they can use them to take notes.

  Instructors need to fill out the Instructor Personal Information Form prior to each semester or quarter to ensure the students have the correct Meditech training and access. This form should only be filled out once and can be found on the Paperwork, Documentation and Requirement Information for Instructors Webpage.

Contact Information

Teri Steffens, RN
Clinical Systems Educator
Kalispell Regional Hospital

Office: (406) 751-6473
Wk Cell: (406) 471-0057