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On Site Nursing Instructor Information

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This webpage if for nursing instructors and clinical coordinators from FVCC, MSU and SKC nursing programs.

Clinical Rotation Request Deadlines 2017

  • Summer 2017 clinical rotation requests deadline is March 31, 2017.
  • Fall 2017 clinical rotation requests deadline is May 31, 2017.

Clinical Rotation Request Documents and Templates 2017

Clinical Placement Request Template
Please use the following placement template request form for preceptor or leadership courses for which a student is placed with one preceptor and follows their schedule. Preceptor Placement Request Template

Instructor Directions for Semester/Quarter Clearances

Please make sure you visit each link below to ensure compliance for training and clearances each semester or quarter.

Meditech/Computer Training for Nursing Students

Click Here for Infomation

Point of Care (POC) Training and Access Information

Click Here for Information

Pyxis Training and Access Information

Click here for information.

Paperwork, Documentation and Requirement Information for Instructors

Click here for information.

Student Coordinator Contact Information

Monica Peterson
Phone: (406)756-2713
Fax: (406)756-3693

The Student department office hours are 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM, Monday - Friday. The department is normally closed for national holidays. The Student Affiliations department office is located on the second floor of the Administrative Office Tower, room number 225.

Meeting Room Information

Please call 751-6492 or email the meeting room managers at if you need to book a conference room for a meeting.