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Meditech and Pyxis Training

Student Affiliations

Pyxis Training Information

Students need to do the Pyxis training modules every six months.

Instructors need to do the Pyxis training modules annually.


The following policy should be reviewed by the instructor and the students prior to doing the training modules. Automated Medication Dispensing Policy GNC955

Meditech and Pyxis Training Modules

If you will be using Meditech, KRH's patient record software, or Pyxis, KRH’s medication dispensing system, you will need to complete the following Modules in advance so you are familiar with the system. These modules are available on HealthStream. HealthStream is accessible from anywhere.
Click here for Meditech and Pyxis Training Module Instructions
User ID: studentguest
Password: studentguest

Computer Access and Training Preparation

We now require computer training for inpatient and clinics separately. If your students will be in the hospital and in the clinics for training, they will need to schedule both training sessions. Inpatient training will be scheduled with Alexandria Moon and Ambulatory training will be scheduled with Angela Knox.

To reserve your training date and time so it fits into your schedule, we recommend that you contact Angela and Teri at least two months in advance to schedule a room, as space is limited. It is also the instructor’s responsibility to obtain the student's username and password information prior to arriving for training.
Please have the students contact our Health Information Technology (HIT) department at 406) 751-5700 one week in advance of training sessions to ensure computer access log-in information is up-to-date before they attend the training.

We encourage the instructor to be present during the training sessions.

Please have the following information available when requesting training:
  • Number of students
  • Program PN or RN
  • Where the students will be placed for the clinical rotations – specifically Brendan House or the medical/surgical floors, Pathways, etc.
    Instructors need to fill out the Instructor Personal Information Form prior to each semester or quarter to ensure that students have the correct Meditech training and access. This form should be filled out only once and can be found on the Paperwork, Documentation and Requirement Information for Instructors page.

Meditech Training Contacts

Inpatient Training
Alexandria Moon, BSN, RN
HIT Clinical Systems Educator
Kalispell Regional Hospital
Office: (406) 758-7015
Work Cell: (406) 270-4004

Clinic/Ambulatory Training
Angela Knox, MN, RN, OCN
HIT Clinical Systems Educator
Office: (406) 890-7240
Work Cell: (406) 871-5080