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Family with patient We are excited to announce the formation of a Patient Family Advisory Council for Quality and Safety at Kalispell Regional Healthcare. Being a provider of health care in our community, we greatly appreciate our longtime partnership with surrounding communities for more than 100 years. We are committed to providing quality health care to our patients and families whom we are so honored to serve and care for – every day! We value this relationship and truly believe that creating a Patient Family Advisory Council with a shared vision will help to build stronger and healthier communities.

Our goal is to create a council that embodies partnership and communication. The council will be reflective of the diverse communities we serve – diversity in terms of income level, racial and ethnic makeup, health status, and religion, to name a few. The council will be composed of patients, family members, and/or friends of patients and community leaders, as well as health care professionals.

The council will focus initially on hospital care for adult patients and help create informed decisions about hospital programs in how they deliver care and provide services. The scope of the work of the council is expected to expand eventually to include hospital care for pediatric patients.

We encourage you to consider submitting an application and joining us on this collaborative journey to serve the community.

We will truly use this time together to make a difference.


Please consider applying to join us to serve and improve our community.

Patient and Family Advisory Council Application