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Frequently Asked Questions

Nurse Residency Program
How do I apply for the Nurse Residency Program?
When you are ready to apply:
  • Go to the Hiring Process and Application page.
  • During each application period, you will be able to select the area where you are interested in applying.
  • Be prepared to electronically submit all documentation with your application.
I’ve sent in my application… now what?
Within one week of submitting your application, you will receive a call from the Nurse Residency Program coordinator. The coordinator will assist you with additional questions/concerns before moving forward with the application process. You will then participate in a phone interview.  On-site interviews will follow shortly thereafter.  Your on-site interview will be held panel-style with leaders and staff. All applicants are interviewed before final hiring decisions are made.

Do I receive an orientation to the floor?
Yes! You will receive 13-17 weeks of orientation (depending upon the area you're hired in to) before you work on your own. During those weeks, you will work closely with a small group of trained preceptors, gaining confidence and independence as you move throughout the orientation period. In addition to one-on-one preceptorship on your floor, you will be attending biweekly classes.

Which state board of nursing should I apply for licensure if I am offered a position at Kalispell and don’t live in Montana?
You will need to apply for licensure in the state that will be your primary residence. The Montana Board of Nursing is a compact state, effective October 1, 2015. If Montana is your primary state of residence, you may work in other compact states under your Montana multistate license. If you are moving to another compact state and that state will be your primary state of residence, you will need to become licensed in that state. For more information on the Nurse Licensure Compact, click here.

Do I need to take my NCLEX exam in the state in which I am looking to become licensed?
The NCLEX® can be taken in any state convenient to you. The results will be directed to the board of nursing where you applied for your authorization to test (ATT) and licensure. You should apply for a license in the state where you intend to legally reside and/or practice.

I only have an associate’s degree. Does that make me a less competitive candidate in the application process?
Your level of education does not make you more or less of a competitive candidate for the Nurse Residency Program. At KRH we believe in lifelong learning and also follow the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommendation to have 80 percent of our nurses have a bachelor’s degree by 2020. Therefore, we ask that you obtain your bachelor’s degree within five years of hire. Not to worry! We have tuition support, career fairs, a medical library and scholarship opportunities available to you as a benefit of your employment.

How is the decision made about the floor I am hired to work on?
As a leadership group, we will review your clinical experience to see where you may be a good fit. We also consider the culture and needs of each floor and try to pair you with a floor that will be a supportive learning environment for you.

Why should I choose Kalispell Regional for my residency?
KRH has a well structured and supportive learning environment for you as you begin your nursing career. We want to help you succeed! 

What will my schedule look like?
For the first 13-17 weeks of hire, you will attend biweekly classes, in addition to following a number of preceptors’ schedules. A typical schedule may look like three 12-hour shifts one week, and two 12-hours shifts and an 8-hour residency day the following week. The residency classes teach content geared toward supporting your transition as a new nurse.

Am I obligated to stay at Kalispell at the completion of my residency?
We ask for a two-year employment commitment. We want our nurses to feel like a part of our nursing family, but we also want them to have a desire to be a part of our community. For more information on this, please feel free to contact us!