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Hospital Bed

Our staff of competent Customer Service Representatives is ready to advise and assist you with your selection. Our available products include hospital beds, patient lifts, bed trays, cushions and specialty products.

Manual & Electronic Beds

Made of the same durable steel construction as manual beds, the bed features easy-to-operate electric controls that raise or lower head and knee sections, and also adjust the height of the mattress. They are ideal if patient is unattended for periods of time and requires frequent position changes. An emergency crank is furnished in case of power failure.


Sleep better and live a healthier life. The Flex-A-Bed is designed to provide the therapeutic support that relieves aches and pains. Adjust the bed to fit your body, not adjust your body to the bed. This exact support takes the strain off the back muscles, and you'll instantly feel the comfort that brings on restful sleep. Read or watch TV in ultimate comfort. Wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized. These beds also provide relief for asthma and hiatal hernia patients and relieve those with swollen legs and feet. Flex-A-Bed comes in a variety of styles and sizes.

Patient Lifts

Too often, manual patient transfers lead to caregiver back injuries. The Hydraulic Lift was created to make transport situations safe and affordable to everyone involved. And with its slim design, the Hydraulic Lift is versatile enough to use for any and all patient moves.


We offer a variety of orthopedic pillows and cushions for pressure relief and sore prevention for the immobile patient. Lightweight foam provides added stability and comfort. An alternating pressure pad pumps pressure into chambers in a heavy-duty vinyl pad, making frequent turning of patient unnecessary.

Bed Trays

Convenient and multi-functional, these tables are height adjustable and durable. Finger tip control raises or lowers table height for comfort. The base is equipped with casters for easy rolling.

Bedside Commodes

When getting to the bathroom is not possible, our bedside commode can save the day. Durable armrests afford user comfort and security. They can be adjusted to a variety of heights and seat angles. Non-marring rubber tips on the legs help provide secure seating. Surfaces are easy to clean, and many models also can be utilized as a toilet safety frame.