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Your Care Team

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Your Care Team

The Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit assists patients experiencing loss of function due to injury or illness to become as independent as possible in the activities of daily living so that they may return home and re-enter the community.

Acute Rehab patients often experience limited ability to care for themselves due to a combination of:

  • Sensory loss or visual/perception problems
  • Cognitive problems (issues with memory, problem-solving, etc.)
  • Speech and communication problems
  • Swallowing disordersImpaired mobility, balance and coordination
  • Limited strength and range of motion

In addition to daily therapy sessions patients on the Acute Rehab Unit are encouraged to:

  • Get out of bed each day
  • Actively participate in their own daily care including dressing and grooming to promote independence in these activities of daily living
  • Eat meals with other patients in the dining room as they would at home
  • Have visits from friends and family so that they can participate in patient treatment and educational programs
  • Participate in individual and group leisure activities to help resume socialization and functions of daily living

The Care Team

The Acute Rehab Unit takes an interdisciplinary team approach to successful rehabilitation. Team members are dedicated to meeting patients' physical, psychological, and social needs in an environment that promotes confidence and independence. Team members develop individualized treatment plans to maximize each patient’s functional abilities. They also provide information about community resources to help smooth the transition to home and community. Team members include:

  • Medical Director/ Physiatrist
  • Rehabilitation Nurses
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech/Language Therapists
  • Social Workers/Case Managers
  • Psychologists
  • Dietitians

Members of the Acute Rehabilitation Care Team include:

You: The patient is at the center of our team. Patient participation is key in recovery. Each activity in the plan of care is designed to address specific needs and limitations.

Physiatrists are physicians specially trained in rehabilitative medicine. They lead our team in assuring that patients progress toward independence and their return to the community.

Rehabilitation nurses are available 24 hours a day to help meet the medical needs of patients and help them to become as independent as possible through carry over of therapeutic interventions. Additionally, the rehab nurses also help to educate patients and their caregivers to assist in adaptation and continuity of healthy habits upon return to the community.

Physical therapists focus on restoring function and mobility to patients by working with them to maximize balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility, They also help to determine what medical equipment needs a patient may have and provide training in use of any equipment.

Occupational therapists help to enhance cognitive reasoning and motor skills of patients so that they can safely perform activities of daily living. These include daily tasks such as dressing, bathing, cooking, and doing laundry as well as higher-level skills such as balancing a checkbook and money management.

Recreational therapists help patients to regain social skills through group activities and community outings. Our recreational therapists promote increased self-confidence though socialization and rediscovery of favored activities.

Speech/Language Therapists work with patients to improve their ability to communicate by addressing difficulties in producing speech or comprehending others. They help patients to develop cognitive strategies to maximize recovery. This is beneficial to patients who have vocal issues, difficulty swallowing, impaired oral motor control, or cognitive impairment due to illness or injury.

Social workers and/or case managers facilitate the admission, care, and discharge process. They work with patients and families to navigate the services, health care providers, insurers, and paperwork that accompany a significant illness or injury. Additionally, they help develop a plan for patients and families to return to home safely including educating patients about available resources for ongoing care and support.

Psychologists help staff to address the emotional and cognitive needs of patients on the Acute Rehabilitation Unit and help them to cope with the challenges resulting from injury or illness.

Dietitians determine the nutritional needs of patients. They promote healthy living and provide recommendations to meet those needs.