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Stroke Technology

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Available Technology for Stroke Patients in Inpatient Rehabilitation

Below is a list of technology available at The HealthCenter's Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit to assist stroke patients with their recovery. These devices are used during therapy sessions to increase functional mobility and overall independence in preparation for returning to the community. There are also several devices listed that are utilized by nursing staff to enhance patient safety and security within the Rehabilitation Unit.


The upper extremity unit, H200 Model, will assist with grasp and release which will increase proximal upper limb stability, produce more normalized movement patterns of the upper extremity and trunk, and also assist with functional repetition of grasp/release. The lower extremity unit, L300 Plus Model, assists with reduction of foot drop, increasing ankle/ knee stability, and decreasing muscle tone and spasticity during gait.

Body Weight Supported Gait Training

This unweighted gait system provides body weight support of varying degrees depending on patient need and reduces apprehension and effort associated with early weight bearing and gait training after a neurological event. This will allow increased therapist focus on the quality of movement versus weight bearing support. Therefore, patients experience reduced spasticity and improved velocity and endurance for higher repetition gait training.

NuStep T5XR

This recumbent stepper allows independent active assisted movement and range of motion for hemiparetic extremities in a supported position. The patient is able to produce a stepping motion with upper and/or lower extremities with active assistance from the unaffected extremities.

Bracing and Splinting

The Inpatient Rehabilitation facility works closely with local prosthetists and orthotists to customize a brace/splint based on the individual patient’s needs. Options are available for trial and patient use during the rehabilitation stay.

Wii Console

This system provides interactive activities for practice and reinforcement of functional movements in a controlled and safe environment. It aids in addressing attention, coordination, and balance deficits.

Adaptive Therapy Kitchen

A fully functioning kitchen and laundry facility designed for training and practicing of home based skills including meal preparation, cooking, and laundry.

Vital Stimulation

This system works through neuromuscular electrical stimulation for the management and treatment of swallow disorders.

Modified Barium Swallow (Videoesophogram with Speech Therapy)

Speech therapy is able to utilize video x-ray to analyze swallowing function and determine the safest means for eating and drinking. The procedure is carried out in the imaging department with a speech pathologist and radiologist.

Wandergard Alert System

This is a patient safety alert bracelet that assists with protecting patients with cognitive or behavioral deficits by alerting the staff when the patient enters or exits the Rehab unit.

Video Monitored Rooms

Monitoring available in each Rehab patient room to promote patient safety and protect against falls in the least restrictive environment possible.

Barcode Medication Administration

Barcode technology is used to improve the accuracy of medication administration.