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The Montana Center - EMPOWER

What is the EMPOWER program?

The EMPOWER program educates and motivates our patients. We utilize a personalized treatment plan including many options to maximize wellness. This process allows our patients to experience amazing results.


What is the purpose of the program?

Our goal is to empower you to examine who you are, what you desire and to create a plan with you to achieve wellness. We invite you to use our medical services and the expertise of our providers, as well as resources in the community, to establish a path to wellness. We provide guidance in establishing measurable, attainable goals through our goal setting class. In addition, we provide guidance and resources to help you achieve those goals.

When you feel empowered, you will understand how to maintain your well-being, having the tools and techniques to attend all of life’s events, fully present and grateful.

How does it work?

The EMPOWER program starts with a two-part new patient process.

Part One: New Patient Medical Visit
Your first visit is with a medical provider. This visit focuses on a detailed assessment, diagnosis and treatment options regarding your pain.

Part Two: EMPOWER Program Visit
The second visit addresses how your chronic pain has impacted your life.

The appointment begins with a 30-minute visit with our patient navigator to provide paperwork and assist with a brief set of questions addressing your emotional status and readiness to engage in a new process. At this time you also will receive a personalized workbook that will be an important tool as you navigate through this new experience.

The workbook includes:
  • Information on the many care options available at The Montana Center
  • A patient education section on health and wellness
  • An area to keep office visit summaries and additional information provided at your visits
  • A section to write down your takeaways from office visits and classes you attend
  • A specific area to journal your thoughts and ideas that can be shared at your next visit
You will then have a one-hour session with the patient navigator and a behavioral health provider to share your story, explore what you are hoping to get out of your time at The Montana Center for Wellness & Pain Management, and discuss what options are available to help you achieve your goals for wellness.

At the end of your visit you will have time to review your workbook and receive a summary of your visit to ensure we captured your story and plan.

The EMPOWER program is a patient-directed program that is used by all staff, in every patient visit. The patient’s personal goals direct the course of care, and The Montana Center team partners with you in addressing your goals throughout your journey to wellness.

The EMPOWER Program – Patient Centered Interdisciplinary Pain Management

Learn more about The EMPOWER Program through the following video, presented by Camden Kneeland, MD, and Chris Nadasi, PhD. This novel patient-centered interdisciplinary pain management program was presented at the Montana Pain Conference on April 5, 2018.