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The Montana Center for Wellness and Pain Management a Department of The HealthCenter.

Hours of Operation: 8-5 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9-5 Wednesday

The Montana Center for Wellness and Pain Management is proud to offer some of the most comprehensive pain and wellness care in the United States. There are few, if any, clinics in the country that have the diversity of expertise that we have in one location devoted to the treatment of chronic pain. Our chronic pain physicians are on the cutting edge of minimally invasive interventional techniques, medical management of pain, and the treatment of addiction. Their efforts are augmented by the talents of our physical therapist, physician assistants, family nurse practitioner, and a host of complementary treatment providers.

These complementary treatment providers illustrate that the treatment of chronic pain is not the sole focus of The Montana Center for Wellness and Pain Management. Under the medical direction of an MD, these providers bring wellness to the front of the patient's treatment plan. Our complementary staff includes experts in the fields of chiropractic, neuromuscular therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, psychology, individual and group counseling, and naturopathy. By working together in one location with immediate access to their colleagues, these experts have a rare opportunity to collaborate in an effort to maximize our patients' wellness.

Our founding vision for The Montana Center for Wellness and Pain Management was based on two things. First, we wanted to avoid the failures of traditional pain management models that relied heavily on the use of dangerous medications. Second, we recognized that the Patient, not the physician, played the most important role in their treatment; their wellness was paramount.

Although many of our patients suffer from chronic pain, our complementary wellness services are open to the public without a referral. There is a considerable amount of confusion about the quality of care provided by wellness specialists. Given the bewildering number for complementary services and providers in the Flathead Valley, people have many questions about who can best meet their needs. As such, it was very important for The Montana Center for Wellness and Pain Management  to choose outstanding specialists. Our process was rigorous and because of that, visitors to The Montana Center for Wellness and Pain Management can feel confident that they are receiving the highest quality care in a beautiful facility.