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Laser Surgery

Northwest Women's Healthcare
Lasers play a vital role in the surgical care of patients at Northwest Women’s Health Care. The surgeons at Northwest Women’s Health Care have performed thousands of laser surgeries with more than 30 years of combined experience.

Different types of lasers produce a beam of intense light. Just as sunlight may be focused to a bright spot using a magnifying lens, the laser beam is focused by a lens to an exact, minute spot.

During laser surgery, the surgeon directs the laser beam while viewing the area to be treated through a laparoscope. Rather than actually cutting, the energy from the laser beam causes the diseased cells to evaporate, like water becoming steam. The depth of tissue destruction is limited and is predetermined by the laser surgeon so that diseased tissue is eliminated and little or no damage is done to surrounding healthy tissue. Because of this, healing following laser surgery is rapid. The healthy cells multiply quickly to heal the area that has been vaporized.

The surgeons at Northwest Women's Health Care perform all surgeries with the laser, using keyhole incisions and tiny scopes so that patients can usually go home the same day after major gynecology procedures.