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Advanced Surgery

Northwest Women's Healthcare
Minimally invasive surgery is a significant medical advancement. Surgery is never convenient; but if you need surgery, consider minimally invasive surgery.

The surgeons at Northwest Women's Health Care have been performing minimally invasive surgery since 1989 when laparoscopic hysterectomy was invented. They were some of the first in the world to perform and teach other doctors laparoscopic hysterectomy and bladder repair surgery. Dr. Taylor published the first study in the world medical literature wherein patients went home five hours after major female surgeries were done laparoscopically.

Our surgeons have a combined experience of more than 50 years of performing thousands of minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries. This means that 99.5 percent will be minimally invasive through small incisions. The surgery is performed with tiny laparoscopic instruments and lasers, and then Steri-Strips are placed over tiny half-inch incisions in the skin.

The patient often can go home in approximately four to five hours or can stay overnight at the surgery center as desired. Usually there is minimal pain, even for major surgeries, and walking about is immediate with no diet restrictions.