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Conscious Sedation Information

Digestive Health Institute of Montana

What can I expect from IV conscious sedation?

When you arrive at the endoscopy center, your blood pressure will be taken and a pulse oximeter will measure your heart rate and the oxygen saturation of your blood through a small plastic clamp placed on your finger. You may also be given some oxygen to breathe through your nose from a small tube.

An intravenous (IV) line will be started in your arm, which will drip a solution of saline into your vein. Through this line, medications will be added that cause drowsiness (a sedative, Versed) and pain relief (an anesthetic, Fentanyl). You may fall asleep, but you will still be able to wake up easily and respond to people in the room. You will probably not remember any of the procedure afterward.

How long will I be under sedation?

You will be sedated for the length of your procedure. This time varies depending on the procedure(s) being done. There will be a recovery period of 20 to 30 minutes after the procedure is finished. You will then be discharged in a wheelchair escorted by your driver. You must NOT operate any machinery or drive any vehicle, make important decisions or sign legal documents, or drink alcohol for the remainder of the day.