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For Referring Providers

Digestive Health Institute of Montana

Referring a Patient

Our scheduling team at the Digestive Health Institute wants to make it easy for you to refer a patient for a consultation and/or a procedure. To expedite your referral and to appropriately schedule your patient, please:
  1. Complete the referral form and fax it to our office at (406) 257-0304.
  2. Forward a copy of relevant progress note(s), lab results, diagnostic imaging and patient’s demographic/insurance information for registration.
Our scheduling team will review your referral, update registration information and contact the patient to schedule an appointment. Typically, this process is completed in one to four business days for nonurgent referrals. We will fax a message to your office to notify you of the scheduled appointment.

If you have any questions for our scheduling team, call us at (406) 752-7441.

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