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Types of Gifts

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Annual Gifts
Annual gifts by currency, credit card, or personal check immediately benefit Kalispell Regional Healthcare and are the easiest and most direct way to give.

Endowed Gifts
While annual donations support immediate needs, endowment donations ensure that gifts will continue giving for eternity. Funds contributed to endowments are held in perpetuity in a diversified portfolio of financial instruments designed to maximize growth while preserving principal value. Only earnings from the investment of dollars contributed are used to fund immediate projects, allowing the donation to have a greater impact over a long period of time than if it were spent all at once. Donations made to endowment funds may be eligible for a tax credit from the state of Montana.

Estate Gifts
Careful estate planning yields special financial advantages for donors and their heirs while enabling them to support the important work of the Kalispell Regional Healthcare Foundation in a significant and lasting way.

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Special Gifts
Special Gifts are given for a specific purpose or need. These gifts may include special donations to capital campaigns or a specific fund, but are in addition to one's annual gift.

Non-Cash Gifts
Non-cash gifts may include securities, personal property, real estate or gifts-in-kind.

Tribute Gifts
Tribute gifts provide you with a meaningful way to remember your loved ones or special friends.