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New building will expand pediatric services

Every year many Montana children leave the state for medical care. Kalispell Regional Healthcare is committed to helping Montana’s families get the care they need here at home instead of having to travel out of state. This summer Kalispell Regional Healthcare plans to break ground on a new facility that will expand services for children.

The new facility will include a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, as well as pediatric specialists such as surgeons, neurologists and cardiologists. The new 190,000-square-foot facility will also include a pediatric operating room, C-section operating rooms, pediatric radiology, dedicated staff and family support spaces, and ample room for expanded services.

Families are integral to pediatric patient care. Ample space in the new building will allow for family respite or education areas, in addition to amenities within the patient rooms to support parenting other siblings, running the household from the hospital and continuing to work. Good sleeping accommodations, space to store personal items, work surfaces and internet access will be vital for parents.

The facility will be built in phases, with phase 1 completing the first floor and phases 2 and 3 completing the second and third floors, respectively. Construction for phase 1 is slated to begin approximately in August 2016. The project is expected to take 20-24 months.

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Photo courtesy of HKS Inc. Architecture