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North Valley Behavioral Health specialists address community needs

By Allison Linville

“At North Valley Behavioral Health, we’re integrating behavioral health with primary healthcare and focusing on the whole person in care,” says Deven Robinson PMHNP. “That’s how psychiatric nurse practitioners work with patients – as a whole person, mind and body. We’re very holistic in our approach, and I mean that in a comprehensive way.”

Meet Deven Robinson

Deven Robinson is a specialist at North Valley Behavioral Health (NVBH), where he focuses on working with teens and adults, but mostly on adolescent psychiatry. Robinson was raised in Montana and attended Carroll College in Helena, Gonzaga University for graduate school, before moving into a post graduate fellowship at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Robinson spent his early career working for the Veteran’s Administration (VA), a population that he found rewarding to interact with. “I loved working with veterans, because there are various issues specific to the population, but they are wonderful, strong people. It was important to me to address veterans’ issues from a mental health standpoint.” Robinson continued working for the VA in Kalispell until 2017, when his experience made him an essential addition to the team at North Valley Behavioral Health.

“North Valley Behavioral Health and North Valley Hospital have content providers, good work-life balance, and the Planetree philosophy that allows us to focus on patient-centered care,” Robinson explains. “Coming to NVBH was a very selective move, because I felt I could help more people while working with a strong, well-rounded team.”

“Also, North Valley Hospital encourages community involvement, so I recently joined the board for the Nate Chute Foundation to be more involved in mental health from the preventative angle. We collaborate with the hospital for education and outreach, and that relationship has been very helpful in reaching more patients and families.”

Mental Health Resources

“Psychiatric nurse practitioners can provide therapy and medication, but also a wide variety of tools based on each individual patient to help them have the resources they need for their condition,” Robinson recognizes that the specialty may not be familiar to some people. “We consider therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and exercise. I always try to leverage the professional help I can provide with recommended lifestyle changes to address all aspects of a mental health issue.”

Of course, Robinson says he practices what he preaches, “I teach a class at Sobba Cycle in Whitefish, which helps me keep up my habit of exercise. Often, getting out of our personal self-care routine can have a big impact on mental health, so people need a reset.” He explains that the resources used are broad – from sleep studies to exercise to medication to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

“Everyone should select a primary care provider, and you can talk to them about your mental health concerns as well. This is how we can identify the best way to address every aspect of what may be impacting your lifestyle,” explains Robinson. “We are family practitioners, so we work with the whole family often, and we look ahead to see how we can plan for continued mental health support.”

“We are a strong team, working to provide a great value to the community,” says Robinson. “An essential part of that is that residents in the Flathead Valley are aware of resources available, and can talk to their primary care providers if they have a concern and together we can help patients find the mental health tools that may help them in their treatment.”